Homer, IL - View from space

The following pictures can be viewed with or without the names of the people included. The names can be seen at the bottom of the picture or by moving the mouse of each individual (in Internet Explorer). The pictures without the names are the originals and I think are a little better quality.
John C. Salladay and Mary Jane (Rich) Salladay
1947 Krukewitt Reunion
1948 Krukewitt Reunion
John Henry and Catherine Eva (Reichert) Krukewitt
George Bowen & Eliza (Harrison) Bowen
Catherine (Reichert) Krukewitt and Family - 1
Catherine (Reichert) Krukewitt and Family - 2
Rudy Krukewitt's Family - 1
Rudy Krukewitt's Family - 2
John Bowen Family
Don Krukewitt's Family
Dave Krukewitt's Family
Catherine Eva (Reichert) Krukewitt and kids